Ricardo António do Carmo Inácio | Born in 1968 in Almancil-Portugal

Visual Artist and Master in Tiles.
Attended the Academy of Fine Arts with Master Manuel Hilário Oliveira, specializing in Watercolor and Acrylics.

In his early years as an artist he worked in several ceramic factories where he became master in high-grade ceramic decoration and XVII century style tiles painting.
Produced custom tile work for private and state institutions in Portugal and abroad.

Painted several murals in tile “public works” for the Parish of Almancil and Loulé Council.

Participated in several collective and individual exhibitions, namely in
Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar and Germany.

Most of his works are in private collections ranging from Portugal to the U.S.A.

Tutor in several courses and workshops around Portugal.

Currently illustrating various publications.



Ricardo Inácio’s work is inspired by dreams, fantasy and the world of imagination. Compositions that are constructed by imaginary spaces and filled with figures that bring us closer to a social satire, making fun of ourselves and trying to touch our children’s imagination.

Charmed by the invisible things of life, thoughts and emotions inspire him to create shapes and characters dancing across the surface of his drawings in a joy of simply existing.

The artist presence, taking the form of character is a constant in the work of Ricardo, creating compositions with everything and everyone around him . Also women as sexual desire figure or perhaps, motherly one, is a supreme presence, and with it, he carves in the subconscious of our minds with is art.

His drawings represent a constant pouring of natural impressions; clearly isolated images that capture lived moments of excitement, changes in perception or recognition of moments.

To note that, his creative process usually starts with a vague idea. Then this idea evolve freely to wherever his mind takes him . During the day, he’s an eager collector of information which, most people would consider insignificant. Then he documents these experiences in his papers, cavanses and ceramics. Indeed, he believes that there are many hidden sides of life, which can not be achieved through other methods, except painting or sculpting.

Ricardo Inácio is a contemporary artist, which we must drink all the uniqueness of the work it produces.